Our cyber security processes are ISO27001 certified to minimise risk and protect your business

Businesses are under increasing threat from cyber attack. Security management processes of the highest standards are built into HW Technology’s DNA. Our managed IT services include cyber security strategies and processes that will keep your business assets safe and comply with industry and data protection regulations.

We will take care of your cyber security, so you don’t have to worry about it

In an uncertain world where cyber threats are proliferating, data security is becoming a major headache for the average business.  Our managed IT services include development of a comprehensive security strategy to support and work with your business. We will help you to establish data protection processes to maintain the integrity  and security of your data and help you to comply with industry and data protection regulations such as GDPR.

Cyber threat protection

As cyber threats become ever more sophisticated, using social engineering techniques to exploit individual vulnerabilities, it is even more important than ever to stay ahead of cyber hackers. Our specialist consultants will assess your cyber risk and outline strategies for threat minimisation and protection.

We partner with best of breed security providers to select the most appropriate solutions for your business and create a cyber defence plan to secure your business against the myriad of threats.

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Data security

In an age of increasing cyber threat and more rigorous data protection legislation, you need to be able to trust your IT partner to look after your valuable business assets. HW Technology sets the highest standards in data security and is ISO27001 certified. This standard provides assurance that confidential records and business data are protected and risks are minimised.

We work with our clients to create a data security strategy that works for their business to ensure regulatory and industry compliance, as well as reassurance that valuable technology assets are kept secure.

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Password management

Password security has become more complex in response to more sophisticated and targeted threats. Password management is now time consuming and challenging for users, who are being asked for more complicated and unique passwords for different devices and applications. In addition, multi-factor authentication (MFA) is being introduced across a wide range of platforms. Our experts will guide you through the password minefield to help secure your systems with the appropriate layers of security and make them easier for your staff to apply.

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Advice and Guidance

Whilst we can help secure your business system against external attack, the greatest threat can be internal. Human error is often the root cause of most cyber breaches. Lack of knowledge of cyber precautions can be one of the greatest risks to your business so we provide cyber awareness training to help secure your internal processes. As part of your cyber protection strategy, we will also carry out random phishing simulation tests to assess your internal threat awareness.

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BYOD strategies

Bring your own device to work policies are becoming increasingly popular but using non-standard devices can pose a threat. Whether your team are using their own smartphone, tablet or other device which are not part of your business IT estate, you need to ensure that these devices do not open the door to cyber attack. Our cyber security experts will advise you on best practice for BYOD as part of your cyber defence strategy.

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Cloud technology

Our cloud services, whether based on public cloud, private cloud or hybrid, have in-built security to ensure that when you access your systems wherever you may be, you can have confidence in the resilience of the system and that all necessary cyber defence strategies are in place.

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Web security

As part of our secure web development services, we take a holistic approach to website security to ensure that the site is always-on and backed up to protect against malicious hacking and intrusion. In addition, regular patch management can be provided to ensure your site has the latest security and plugin updates applied.

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Backup and disaster recovery planning

We understand that backup and disaster recovery planning can be time-consuming and a challenge to anticipate the ‘worst-case’ scenario. Our data security experts design and test disaster recovery strategies to help clients get their business operating as quickly as possible in the event of an incident.  We automate backup processes and where appropriate, store your data securely in our UK  ISO 27001 certified data centre.

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